COO of Wise Venture Esports on Rokkr at CoD Champs, Signing Top Rocket League Team


August 19th, 2020

44 mins 59 secs

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Brett Diamond, the COO of Wise Venture Esports, joins the show to talk about the organizations first year. The first focus was on Call of Duty as the Minnesota Rokkr, backed by outspoken investor Gary V and the Wilf Family, owners of the Minnesota Vikings, had an up and down season that landed them in the upper bracket in Champs. On Thursday, August 20th, the Rokkr will take on the New York Subliners with standout rookie Mack in the first round of the upper bracket in the first CoD Champs.

Learn more about the Rokkr here

If that wasn't enough, Wise also expanded into Rocket League picking up a top flight team. Cloud9's former roster was a fan favorite, as Squishy Muffinz split to join powerhouse NRG, his longtime teammates Torment and Gimmick became free agents. Wise grabbed the pair, added in AxB and had Fireburner pick up as coach. Diamond also talks about the sports worlds push into esports, he spent over a decade at the NFL league offices and with the Minnesota Vikings.

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