EVO Cancelled, FGC in Flames Due to Accusations of Pedophilia, Harassment, and Assault


July 3rd, 2020

59 mins 24 secs

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It's been a brutal week in esports and gaming. The FGC, and especially the Smash community, has had a myraid of allegations come out about prominent community members. Multiple major players have been dropped from teams and the biggest fighting game event in the world was cancelled because of allegations against EVO's co-founder and President.

In this show, fighting game writer Danny Howard and I talk about the allegations, EVO's cancellation and the safety of FGC events for minors. In the show I rundown some of the major allegations. Here are the links to those stories:

Warning: These stories are often graphic and touch on pedophilia, abuse, sexual assault and more sensitive topics. While we encourage reading the stories to properly understand the issues at play here we recognize that these stories can recall harmful personal memories for some people.

Mikey "CrackPr0n" Pham on EVO co-founder Joey "Mr Wizard" Cuellar.

BunnyAyu accuses Mike "MikeZ" Zaimonthas of inappropriate texts and sexual advances.

Captain Zack accuses Nairo of having a sexual encounter while he was a minor

Puppeh accuses Cinnpie of having a sexual relationship with a minor

Anonymous girl accuses Anti of telling her to lie about her age and hooking up with a minor.

There are a lot more allegations we didn't cover directly but there are tons of issues in the FGC, esports and gaming at large. We commend everyone who had the courage to speak out about these issues and hope that courage leads to true change in the community going forward.