Cody Hock

Special guest

Cody’s background stems from the film and television industry, where he worked for several prominent talent management companies, production studios and law firms in Hollywood. Cody got his start in the business at 3 Arts & later worked at Lionsgate, MRC and Sheppard Mullin. He graduated college from USC and recognized the advantages that having a law degree in entertainment could have, whereby he later attended USC Law School. After taking the California bar exam, Cody decided that he did not want to practice law in the traditional sense, but rather wanted to be creative and entrepreneurial, and thus came up with the idea to start Up North. Founded with his brother Cole, Cody co-founded Up North Management Group, the talent management company who represents top gaming and esports creators & streamers and professional athletes with a passion for the digital space. Up North offers full service talent management, including creator & streamer development, brand strategy, marketing & sponsorship oversight, social media strategy, productions & original series, consumer products & merch, and venture opportunities. In 2020 alone, Up North secured deals with brands/companies such as Jarritos, Nesquik, Samsung, Gatorade, Oculus, Heinz & Smile Direct Club and was instrumental in Jarritos & Smile Direct Club’s first foray into gaming (Jarritos first gaming partnership with Up North client, Formula and SDC with NoisyButters). Up North also played a pivotal role in developing their client, Nasher’s partnership with Bauer Hockey which was featured on Forbes. Nasher became the first gamer to be endorsed as an athlete by a major sports equipment brand. Up North also signed the One Percent Fortnite team, including some of the most popular Fortnite gamers- Formula, Randumb, and Nicks. Lastly, Cody and his team produced a cartoon series for Miami Dolphins WR, DeVante Parker, called “Uncle Vante”. With a passion to give back, Cody established Hockey2Help, a livestream fundraiser on Twitch sponsored by GameStop that featured several top NHL players and client, Nasher, benefiting COVID-19 relief efforts which raised over $20K. Under Cody’s leadership, Up North Management’s client roster increased by 150% in 2020. Its client roster’s collective reach tops 35 million subscribers and just this month accumulated over 150 million views. Cody Hock is a clear example of a young entrepreneur who is disrupting the rapidly growing gaming and esports industry. The vision is to continue to find innovative ways to bridge the gap between mainstream culture, entertainment, sports and video games. At only 27 years old, has proven himself as a force to be reckoned with in the gaming & esports space.

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