Dr. Corey J. Csakai

Special guest

Corey J. Csakai - Chiropractor and Owner of Esports Healthcare

I've written about posture education, 15 ailments that may interrupt a gamer's career, and blog posts about interesting health topics including sleep, hydration, cannabis, and some product reviews. I've also created four videos including a warm-up routine, stretch routine, injury prevention exercises (hand/wrist), and a dexterity routine for the fingers (https://www.youtube.com/esportshealthcare).

Health & wellness content is something that's absolutely necessary in the gaming industry. But, sadly, gamer health content is severely limited. I do my best to keep up with content from other health care providers also working to make a career in gaming/esports, and their content is so often poorly presented and/or inconsistent with research trends in health care.

I've also created a posture education/correction program that I've attached to this email. It is a 59-page PDF with posture education and 21 exercises/stretches to counter the ill-effects of prolonged sitting. These exercises will correct imbalances such as upper crossed syndrome (https://esportshealthcare.com/upper-crossed-syndrome/) and lower crossed syndrome (https://esportshealthcare.com/lower-crossed-syndrome/)--ailments that are among the most common in any population of people that sits for prolonged periods of time.

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