Freek Borghgraef

Special guest

Freek Borghgraef - Co-founder of StriveCloud and Kayzr

Already at a young age, I've been tremendously passionate about doing business. Creating a product or service that adds a unprecedented value into people's personal or professional lives that they try it and keep on using it has always energized me in such a way I can always walk the extra mile.

Together with my KAYZR co-founders, we built a business in a non-existing industry at the time that went from 0 to 11 FTE's in just 2 years without any funding. After 3 years, we wanted to expand and scale into broader markets with StriveCloud, using KAYZR's unique competitive gamification technology to power any kind of B2C application that wants to maximize user engagement and reduce churn.

Mostly active in the business development side, my core tasks are strategizing on company vision and getting out there to convince major brands and organisations to help building our product and services together to unseen levels of excellence while managing the partnerships team.

My ambitions are to keep on building businesses, conceptualizing on value-creating products and keep convincing the right people to get on board with it.

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