Sebastian "Gunsii" Martinez

Special guest

*Sebastian 'Gunsii' Martinez - Call of Duty Pro

Gunsii uses his amazing anticipation and incredible map knowledge to put himself in the best postions to
win gun fights as he executes with incredible accuracy. Often an overlooked member on the team that
leads by example he has proved many doubters wrong along his rise in the community, appearing in
back to back COD champs he posted the best K/D in the 2019 tournament and followed up with
impressive K/D in the 2020 tourney as well, taking his team all the way to the finals with an overall 1.30
across all game modes and a 1.20 for the full Challengers season.

With his gaming talent aside, what makes him unique is his attitude. He works well with his teammates
and is constantly working toward becoming better at his craft. Listens well and communicates just as

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