Matt "Mattheos" Woods

Special guest

AFK Creators is an international talent management and influencer marketing agency specialising in the esports and gaming industry. We design and execute creative marketing opportunities that deliver results for our clients, and help brands to navigate the ever-changing landscape. We exclusively represent over 150 content creators and streamers across Twitch, YouTube, TikTok and other social media platforms, and have more than 2000+ influencers in our close-network.

Founded in 2019, AFK Creators has grown entirely through self-driven revenue generation and represents some of the biggest names in the esports and gaming industry, including Nicholas "LS" DeCesare, 5Up, DropsByPonk and Flights. Our clients have worked with top brands such as, MasterCard, Nike, BudLight, Dermalogica and many others.

In October 2019, we expanded our team to 6 employees building our network of trusted relationships with influencers and brands in the industry.

In March 2020, we had grown to 16 team members developing our international and "omnichannel" approach to performance-conscious influencer marketing in English, French, Spanish and German-speaking countries.

In January 2021, we grew to 30 employees worldwide increasing our presence in North America and expanding our service of delivering creative influencer marketing campaigns at scale.

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