A former Halo Pro is Professionalizing the Gaming Giveaway


June 5th, 2020

41 mins 50 secs

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Everyone in the gaming world has seen giveaways appear on their timeline. There's usually a few requirements like following a brand, a streamer and tagging a friend. In return, a person is entered to win a gaming product like a laptop or headphones. But you've probably also seen drama as sites are accused of not following through, accounts are inactive or processes aren't transparent.

Vast, founded by former Halo pro Trey Christensen, is making sure giveaways are run correctly everytime. After he founded the company in 2017, one of his first clients was a former Halo pro who was gaining traction on a new game called Fortnite. You can probably guess who it was.

Listen in to this podcast to learn how Vast is improving giveaways, how he partnered with Ninja and the ways to reduce potential issues related to the gaming staple.

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